Friday, March 02, 2007

A Pretty Woman

早前在飛機上看了由 Ridley Scott 執導、Russell Crowe 主演的一套小品 A Good Year


但是戲中有一位女演員很吸引我。她飾演一個令 Russell 傾心的女侍應。論戲只是一個花瓶角色,無甚發揮,但她的氣質、她的丰韻、她的嫵媚、還有那一顰一笑中散發著既柔亦剛的氣息,實在令人傾倒。

記住這位法國女演員吧。她是 Marion Cotillard




the inner space said...

Marion Cotillard 她在法國很有名罷﹐發現她是從荷李活電影 Big Fish "大魚奇緣“ 的閒角﹐演那小媳婦。

已叫了我了老表幫我買 "A good year" 的DVD。

xiao zhu said...


係呀,佢喺Big Fish 出現過。今次喺A Good Year 都係配角。但係我覺得佢喺荷李活會有機會嘅。

微豆 said...

她是不是也在 “TAXI〞 的士速逮?

xiao zhu said...


Yes, it's her.

點解咁夜仲唔瞓呀? or 咁早起身?

lu said...

i was reading last week's newspaper (2/27 Apple Daily 專欄)and 邁克 just mentioned her!

she played Edith Piaf in "La Mome"...

譚劍 said...



xiao zhu said...



係呀,套戲個劇本實在太鬆散,冇anchor point,本來個theme係可以發揮得好正嘅,真係晒左啲靚人靚景囉!

暗黑的卡夫卡 said...


I saw this movie on my way back...and I was just reading your blog killing time in the office...and I saw her face and your post.

I felt good watching this movie. There are not many cases where a man makes the decision that Russell Crowe did.

Of course, the movie did not show what happened after a few months or even years later...and we all know Russell Crowe will probably leave again cause...

I also love the music in the movie. I should check out the OST. Some American WW2 era songs, some French ones. Perfect mix for a lazy afternoon.

You probably won't see this post cause its 2 weeks over ha. But hey, thanks for reminding me so I will get the soundtrack/ =)

xiao zhu said...


Why not? I'll receive notice from my gmail account whenever there is any new comments on any of my past posts.

I do love the music in the movie also. Actually I didn't give any detailed comments on the movie then mainly because I was not in a good mood when I wrote it. But I really wanted to leave a note in my memory about Marion. I love pretty people, pretty things. I was disappointed in general because I think the script was not well put to reflect such a good theme. And I have the same feeling: "... and we all know Russell Crowe will probably leave again cause..."

I'm pleased that my old posts can help you killing time doh. :)

the inner space said...

OK at last I have seen that also.

Since your comments said: dont expect too much ..... except pretty faces and great sceneries; so I didnt place too much expectation.

Ending up it was better than I expected, although the story was too predictable I knew the ending right at the time he travelled to the vineyard plantation.

Yes, the women(s) were all very pretty indeed, and the ending the song was exceptionally amaizing, no wonder Kafka said: he wants the sound track.

I shall watch that again.

xiao zhu said...


Yeah, please share again any new comments. I really love that woman. :)

The Inner Space said...


我處都有個brief movie review about 這部電影 美女vs英雄